Gem Struck is Fun, Challenging and Addicting!


Three Modes of Play

Story: Features 3 worldly stages consisting of 25 levels each. Every level is meticulously designed and perfected to provide you with an exciting and mentally stimulating game experience How long will it take you to pass all 75 levels and achieve all 225 stars? Give it a shot today!

Head-2-Head Multiplayer: If you're looking for a socially fulfilling gaming experience, here's your chance to compete LIVE against a friend or a stranger in a head-2-head game. Requires iOS 4.1 or higher and Game Center.

Classic: Play a randomly generated 15x9 gems board with an infinite timer. Be casual and solve at your leisure or challenge yourself to optimize and maximize your score. Either way, we know you'll love it. (Kids will love it too!)



The gem struck bird Hikaru
3 modes of play: Story, Classic and live Head-2-Head Multiplayer
75 hand-designed levels in Story Mode
8 leaderboards to track your performance against other players. Requires iOS 4.1 or higher and Game Center.
4 friendly and soothing music tracks to entertain your ears while you play or if you prefer, listen to your own iPod music
2 sets of gem styles consisting of 8 types of gems each
Special pieces in Story Mode: left and right shift, bomb, block and wild
Special modifiers in Classic and Head-2-Head Multiplayer Modes: 2x, 3x, +3, +5, and +9
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